• Cloak 8x5 lb

Cloak 8x5 lb

CLOAK® Herbicide

Cloak® keeps soybeans weed-free and maximizes early season residual control of tough weeds, allowing glyphosate applications to be made closer to crop canopy. It quickly inhibits the growth of susceptible weeds and may be tank-mixed with many other products for increased weed control.

Cloak® offers selective burndown and residual control of many troublesome broadleaf weeds with two modes of action:

• Cloak provides burndown control of winter annuals and emerged weeds even under cool, wet conditions in reduced and no-till fields.

• With two modes of action, Cloak helps manage weed resistance such as glyphosate resistant mares tail (horseweed) and palmer pigweed.

• Cloak delivers early-season residual control helping extend your post in-crop applications of glufosinate in Liberty Link® soybeans or glyphosate (Credit® Xtreme) in Roundup Ready® soybeans.

Active Ingredients

Metribuzin + Chlorimuron

Similar to

Canopy DF

Restricted Use


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Cloak 8x5 lb
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