• Buccaneer 5 Extra (loaded 5.4#) 2x2.5 Jug

Buccaneer 5 Extra herbicide with glyphosate

  • Approximate cost: $2.91 per acre
  • Typical application rates:   Burndown or Glyphosate Resistant Crops (Alfalfa, Corn, Soybeans, Cotton, and Canola) – 24 oz per acre
  • Buccaneer 5 Extra contains 5.4 pounds of active ingredient glyphosate per gallon.
  • Buccaneer 5 Extra is used preplant for burndown or postemergence to control tough weeds in glyphosate resistant crops.
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Buccaneer 5 Extra is used for tough to control tough weeds in a burndown situation or postemergence in glyphosate resistant crops. It is a non-selective herbicide that gives excellent broad-spectrum control or suppression of many annual and perennial weeds and grasses. Examples are Johnsongrass, Foxtail, Fall Panicum, Ragweed, Cocklebur, and Velvetleaf. Buccaneer 5 Extra is a great tank mix partner for numerous herbicides. Buccaneer 5 Extra glyphosate is also an approved tank mix partner for Engenia herbicide.

Active Ingredients Glyphosate
Similar to Roundup
Restricted Use No

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Buccaneer 5 Extra (loaded 5.4#) 2x2.5 Jug

  • Unit Price: $15.97/Gal

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